Tuesday, March 15, 2011


     This is not going to be a very well constructed post, but I have good intentions of making up for it later this week. Since I moved back home from the Big City a couple weeks ago, I have been working steady with the two jobs I speedily acquired that first week. During the day I have been subbing as an Educational Assistant at local schools belonging to the Public School Division, and in the evening I have been serving as a waitress at a local restaurant. It has been a relatively intense schedule working from 9:00 am to 3:30pm, and then 4:30 pm to at least 9:00pm; but it is what I signed up for and ultimately wanted, so nothing to complain about. What is great is that I actually mostly enjoy both my jobs, so that is an added bonus, I just do not enjoy not being able to sleep in or my limited amount of recreational time.
     With these jobs, and as much as I enjoy that invigorating feeling of independence I get from making it on my own, I still wish I was lucky enough to have a rich uncle, or something of the sort. How glorious it would be to not have to worry about money. Somehow I doubt that I will ever really know what that feels like, though. Hm.
     I will leave you with some words to live by from one of my favorite songs, "Oh My" by Sweatshop Union, "I make money; money don't make me," - my current mantra.

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  1. I have a question regarding using photos on my blog from the internet; am I supposed to be siting where I get photos from, or is it all free reign in the World Wide Web?? Anyone?