Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Snow White Syndrome

              For at least the past couple years, I have been suffering from what I would like to be known as the “Snow White Syndrome.”   Allow me to elaborate -  although not yet studied in full, the “Snow White Syndrome” is most common in tall females, and  has the overwhelming symptom of the female in question developing a deep fondness for men of a smaller stature. However, the dilemma festers in the nature of this fondness. Although at first it can be confusing to separate the feelings of potential amour from those of natural camaraderie, no matter how hard I try with these littlest of men, the camaraderie feeling in my heart undoubtedly wins. At first I thought that this must mean that I was simply fickle; but then I had an epiphany - Snow White was never judged for keeping seven petite men around just for kicks, so why should my fickle actions be viewed any differently? To me the concept of having seven small men following me around, commenting on my daily life, and adding words of wisdom, suggestions in music and movies, as well as perhaps throwing in a humorous joke or two is nothing short of a lovely idea. Not only would these seven miniature fellows be excellent daily companions, but according to the classic story they would also aid in ultimately uniting me with my Prince Charming! How wonderful!
                What strikes me the most from this fairytale is the Dwarfs’ attitude. Somehow they instinctively knew that they were just to be friends with the fair Snow White, and nothing more. Unfortunately, in real life real emotions are not nearly so convenient. I have injured many a small man’s heart, mostly out of my own naivety, but that’s hardly an excuse.  If only I knew the secret to Snow White not breaking all seven of the large hearts of those tiny men while still running off with her Prince Charming - but I guess that is the power of make believe after all.

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  1. This was an interesting post...I hope you'll be able to make up with your friend you mentioned here...