Sunday, March 20, 2011

Common Courtesy

                Sometimes it just plain sucks to be the only optimist in the crowd; someone is always bringing you down. Tonight was the worst of the worst for me while working at my waitressing job. The amazing part was that it was not even my customers; it was the people who I work with who had the deplorable people skills – despite their current occupation in the service industry.
 I just ranted this same rant to a good friend of mine, her thoughts being, “Well, wouldn’t you be in a perpetually bad mood too if you knew that this job was your entire future??”.  I suppose I would be, but I still think that it is hardly an excuse.  Whatever happened to common courtesy? When did manners fly by the wayside? Is empathy dead? Oh, I would like to think not.  I could not count how many times I heard as a child, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” to me it has always been just a part of my social code of conduct.
Perhaps this universal grumpiness does have more to it than just the surface lack of manners. Maybe my friend was right when she pin-pointed what she foresaw as their bleak future as the source of their unhappiness. I may take it for granted that I have the luxury of considering these jobs as a gateway to THE dream job. I work all these odd and unusual occupations so that one day, I never have to work them again – sort of ironic, isn’t it? If you are reading this, what are your thoughts? Have you found that ONE dream job? Or is it a never ending search for happiness which must be fulfilled elsewhere?

  And – is common courtesy really dead??


  1. *Sigh* That is the problem with manners. The people without them can float through life completely unaware of how their selfishness and rudeness are affecting those around them whereas those WITH manners are forced to not only be aware of how their actions affect people, but also to have to deal with and be courteous to those that aren't...everyday.
    I guess the only way one can trudge through these annoying times in life is not by trying to figure out how these other people came to be, (whether it be a result of them being spoiled, bullied at an early age or their father being Lex Luthor) but to just to keep being you and from what I have seen in your blog seems like an intelligent and well put together individual.:) Just know that every time you smile through the barrage of grumpiness, take a stand against pessimism and are caring to those around you, (even the self-indulgent) that you are making the world a much better place, one painstakingly monotonous smile at time. I swear, it is not in vain.
    I hope it is encouraging to know that you have comforted at least one person. It is nice to know that someone cares about respect and generosity and that even though you may feel alone, "the girl three doors down" is always fighting the good fight.
    Midas may have gotten rich at the beginning, but it is the people who follow "the golden rule" that STAY golden. Stay golden G3DD.

  2. I totally understand! I despise serving for this very reason... I couldn't do it, but I admire those who can. It's a tough industry to be in.

    I have found some pretty great work, but it's an uphill battle and will be a long time before I get to where I want to be.

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend.



  3. @ Sacho: Thank you for that affirmation. Sometimes all it can be is that, "one monotonous smile at a time," but thankfully not all days are so awful. There is the light at the end of that pessimistic tunnel that keeps us keeping on. All in all, life is good. :)

    @ Caroline: I did manage to have a relaxing weekend, at long last! I'm excited to get back into the studying game to get closer to work that actually inspires. I guess all we can do is one step at a time.

    Happy Monday in advance!