Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Completely Honest with No Agenda

Boy: What character are you working on from Canterbury Tales?

Me: The Wife of Bath, there seems to be a lot to talk about with her, so it should be good.

Boy: Cool, we should work on ours together.

Me: That sounds fun! Sure! Uh.. I’m just going to mention, in case you were thinking of something – maybe you weren’t- but if you were, uh,  I should just mention-

Boy: Yea?

Me: …I’m not entirely normal.

Boy: (Internally “Wah-Oh”)

Me: Not, like, clinically “not normal”, it’s just that if we hang out now, and then we hang out again, then you might- after a certain amount of hanging out- decide that you feel things for me…I might have even thought in the course of that time that I feel things for you too. But, I can guarantee that as soon as you exhibit any feelings whatsoever, my own thoughts (whatever they were) will vanish; and I will run, not walk, in the opposite direction. I don’t know why. I haven’t psycho-analyzed it, but I have detected a pattern. So, if you have any fluttering thoughts beyond just friends right now, here is your fair warning. 

Boy:  ….

I wonder if this would be effective in real life, or if I can only be this honest in my daydreams.


  1. Ah... I think, only in daydreams. I used to do this. They absolutely run a mile! Cute post!

  2. You have an awesome blog! I'm going to enjoy reading it.

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  3. Haha... Bth, I still haven't gotten up the nerve to say this. I think you're right. :)

    -And Thanks, Unlucky! I hope your luck turns around.