Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Juxtaposition

     I have been working on a bit of a project this week, so I have not had much time to think of a post for this week. However, in the meantime, I thought I would share a funny story from this week. Really, it's more of an image than an all out story. Anyways, as a bit of lead up, occasionally when I'm working at my evening job as a waitress I will add a bit of entertainment to my night by trying to guess what a guest will order for their meal (sometimes you can just tell if a person is a pasta or burger person). A few nights ago I had three BIG guys come in - very rough and tumble, unkempt, and dirty from working outside. Instantly I thought to myself, "a pitcher of beer and three steaks - probably rare,". As they sat down I came over to introduce myself and say my little waitressing speal as I got their drink orders, the biggest guy of the group answered for all of them, "Can we have three glasses, and a pitcher of lemonade?"

-and then they each ordered a salad and nothing else.    :)

P.S. Listen to the song above for some extra feel-good vibes while you're (hopefully) enjoying a sunshiny day!

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