Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sand Between My Toes

     I have been in San Diego since the 11th. I am taking a spur of the moment trip with one of my best gal pals, and it is glorious. The weather here is like summer all year long. It is February and we are spending the majority of our days lying on the beach in much too little clothing. I can no longer go anywhere without leaving a little trail of sand behind me, and I just love it!
     The funny thing about going to different places is the attitude of the locals. Really, I have found for the most part that it is the same wherever I go; most specifically in regards to the weather. When our Moms taught us to only talk about the weather if there was nothing better to talk about, it would seem that we all took that very much to heart. I guess the part that is funny about this is that people say the exact same things, and have the exact same complaints as everywhere else when talking about the weather. Even in San Diego, the place with the most beautiful weather year round I have ever seen, people talk as if there is something to complain about when a cloud dares to come across the sky. I cannot help but find this amusing coming from a place with a very distinct four seasons, the longest season being a frigid winter, but I guess it is all what you're used to. For myself, this brings up the thought that we should all be more grateful for what we have been given; even if what we have been given is seemingly never-ending snow. At least the snow helps us appreciate the summer so much more.

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